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Friday, November 9, 2012


I have a favorite spot in the living room where I love to sit and knit. My knitting-corner can be quite chaotic and my knitting-related-things have been taking over the rest of the room - do you know the feeling? That´s why I went to IKEA the other day, and I bought a "Rast" chest of drawers for my knitting-corner in the attempt to make the living room look a bit more tidy and my husband happy :-)

Since Rast doesn´t look very pretty or interesting the way you get it at the store, I knew from the start that I wanted to pimp it up. I used some wall-paint I had at home and bought some really pretty knobs at Bauhaus... I´m not only very happy with the result, but also quite astonished about the way it turned out.

Here you can see how it looked before...  and now take a look at it after my hacking:

my new, off white Rast

 Love those knobs... they make such all the difference

 My new, tidy and well organized knitting/crochet-corner... 
I made the crochet-jar myself...
... and as you might have guessed, I got those retro-looking, wonderful doilies at my favorite          thrift store :-)


  1. (Oh yes, I do know the feeling - in my corner of the living room there are baskets of yarn ad knit/crochet items making it look very untidy...)

    Your drawer turned out beautifully, Kristin :) I'm so amazed (and a bit jealous) :) What a great job you did. I like your choice of knobs, they are very pretty and makes that special touch.
    The doilis are sweet, such a nice thrift find.

    Wishing you a happy weekend :)

    1. Thank you so much Hilde! I think almost all knitters know this feeling... and I really recommend doing this - it´s not only fun but I love my knitting-corner even more now! :-)

      I think knobs are a bit like buttons... they make all the difference!
      Have a wonderful week!

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