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Monday, May 30, 2011


Remember this post about me, knitting lace-shawls? Well, I reached my goal and I still can´t believe it! Rodprjonar, Jóhanna and knittingmydayaway´s beautiful Kyrrð where really motivating and helpful, thank´s to them, I managed to knit my first lace shawl, "Hálfskák" in about 4 weeks, thank you two!!! I used brown yarn from Þingborg. The amazing thing about icelandic yarn like the one I used from Þingborg, and the similar "einband" from istex is what happens when you wash it:
1. your knit suddenly looks so nice and even!
2. the yarn get´s so soft - it´s like magic!

I just loved making this shawl and I have the feeling, I won´t be able to stop knit shawls for the next few months.

I found it very hard to get good fotos of the shawl, but here you go anyway:

My boy´s loved this shawl, because they think it looks like wings!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Many things

I´ve been doing so many different things lately that I just don´t know where to start! :-) So let´s begin...

1. I´ve been knitting my lace-shawl "Hálfskák" - I´m almost done... only about 5 rounds to knit and I´m finished. Can´t believe I did it and can´t wait to start "Kyrrð" (knitting my day away).

2. I baked my own birthdaycake with Dagbjört (or should I say: she baked it, I watched). She showed me how to decorate cakes with fondant. It was so much fun - I just loved it and you can do almost anything with it! Thank you so much Dagbjört! We made a very girly, pink mumin-cake. My son told me, he want´s a mumin-cake for his birthday in july too, which made me really happy since I love the mumins too! :-)

3. I made a hat and a scarf for a cousin of mine, who was graduating - out of one of my favorite yarns, the icelandic "kambgarn". The hat-pattern: "Bleik og bjúdíful" from the book "fleiri prjónaperlur. The scarf: my own design.

4. I LOVE garlic, you can´t believe how much! :-D That´s why I made some persian, pickled garlic yesterday. You heat up some vinegar with black peppercorns, put some garlic-cloves in a jar (without the skin) and then you mix the two things together. Then you have to wait as long as possible- the longer, the better. A persian friend of mine told me, her mother waits 7 years - I tasted this 7 years old, pickled garlic at her home and I can´t describe how good it was - the best thing ever. It was black, sweet, mild and sour. I don´t think I have the patience to wait so long...

5. I´ve been preparing and buying everything I need to finally start dyeing yarn with plants: flowers, trees and other things from nature. I´ll start with onion peel because that´s what I have at home - and einband because that´s what I need for "Kyrrð".

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Mothersday and some knitspiration!

Last sunday, on mothersday we went to a beach at "Seltjarnarnes, Grótta". It´s on the other side of town and we used to live there for a year, 2005-2006. We really like this place because you are in the nature, looking at the ocean - in the city! A special thing about Seltjarnarnes is, that they have many different species of birds.
Well, anyway... on mothersday we went there and spent some hours sitting at the beach. We built some sand- and stone-castles with the boys, threw some stones in the ocean, went for a walk, enjoyed the sun and I knitted a bit - and of course I found some "knitspiration" there. I also found some knitspiration this week, visiting a farm with my boys and their kindergarten... here you go!

Me and my boys on mothersday:

Seltjarnarnes, Grótta:

My boys and their castles:



Knitspiration at the farm:
Knitspiration at the farm:

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mittens for my dear mum

I made these mittens for my mum. I really wanted to make her something special that reminds her of me and something "very icelandic" because she spends a lot of time abroad. The mitten-pattern is created by me (yarn: léttlopi) and fits perfectly for my mothers hands. I wanted to use a embroidery-chart out of a book, but ended up making up my own (yarn: einband), which makes these mittens more personal. I´m happy with the result, but next time I make mittens like that, I´ll use "kambgarn" for the knit and I´ll start with the cross-stich-pattern on the top... I can´t wait to give them to my mum!

Monday, May 2, 2011


One of my most favorite mountains in Iceland and one of my biggest knit-spirations is "Esjan". From my flat, I have a great view over to Esjan and that was one of the things that influenced me and my husband when we got the flat! The colours of this mountain are always different, depending on the light and you always know winter is not far away when you begin to see snow on it´s top.
This morning, Esjan was beautiful as ever, but the colours where so special I decided to show you some pictures of this great inspiration of mine, even if you can´t "really"see the colours (white/blue/gray-shades), on these fotos. I must admit, I was thinking of knittingmydayaway when I got this Idea, since she seems to love "Esjan" as much as I do - I hope this brings you a bit of Iceland to NY! :-)