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Monday, December 30, 2013

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Inspiration by my ancestors

Yesterday litlaskvís posted this really interesting link on Facebook, showing some amazing Japanese temari spheres - something I didn´t even know excised. I would love to try making something similar one day... 

Those Japanese pieces of art made me think of a treasure I have myself: two "balls" made by my great-great-grandmother. Since I have nobody to ask, I can only guess how they are made and how they where used. Both of them seem to be made by using scrap-yarn and I think they might have been used as pin cushions? At least that´s how I use them... as decorative pin cushions with a soul and history. Lucky me.
The bigger one seems to be a ball of yarn or wool, covered with chain stitches (embroidery) in the round - the yarn used is some kind of wool

The smaller one is covered with 8 knitted triangular´s, in 8 beautiful & different colors and therefore I guess she must have been using scrap yarn. 
Those triangular´s seem to be knitted in the round (purled and knitted). 
The yarn is really thin, soft wool yarn  I wish I could buy today

The triangular´s are sewn together with a method I don´t really understand...

On one side the smaller one has a small loop... I wonder why?

My big boy was looking over my shoulder while I was shooting those pictures...

Friday, December 27, 2013

New iphone, new possibilities

I was given an iPhone for Christmas (my first ever), which opens up a lot of new possibilities for me... I'm really loving it and having a lot of fun with all those different photo apps :-) I also just discovered that I can create new posts, here on my blog directly from my phone... Fun fun fun