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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Baby blankets

Two people I know recently got a baby - both of them happen to be boys...
 ... and I really wanted to create something that would keep those little ones warm and cozy

The rules I set up for myself where:
1. No typical baby-boy-colors
2. What´s the best material to keep warm? Icelandic wool (unspun/plötulopi) of course, my favorite. 
 3. Since I have enough wool in my stash, especially leftovers, I also decided,
I could only use this material, meaning: no buying yarn.   
4. It had to be a quick project, since I really don´t have time for anything else at the moment

3.stranded-unspun icelandic wool, (þrefaldur plötulopi)

So thick and cozy!

1.stranded plötulopi - so thin, light and warm (einfaldur plötulopi)

So yummi!!!

looking at this one... I might have to crochet some pillows...

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

not my creation

About a year ago, we went to visit my parents at their cottage. There was a lot of leftover wood & nails lying around, since the house had just been built. My boys (including my husband) went out with nothing but a hammer in their hands, picked up some of this wood and nails and decided to build a small chair (stool) for the boys.

The result was the most wonderful thing and shows so well, how much imagination and creativity my 3 carpenters have... it´s so amazing to see, what one can create with only a hammer, leftover wood&nails (they didn´t even have a saw!) And the best thing was that this action was an unforgettable experience for my boys.  Exactly those things are the aspects that make this stool so beautiful and perfect

Since we´ve been building a tall fence in our new garden, we have a lot of leftover wood lying around in our backyard and I´ve asked my husband to create some stools we can use at home together with the boys.

Thursday, May 9, 2013


Did I ever tell you, that my PAN-pattern was published in a icelandic magazine?
(Húsfreyjan - alltaf skemmtilegar uppskriftir í þessu tímariti - mæli með því að kíkja í það annað slagið)
 My beautiful cousin Guðrún was my model...