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Monday, November 12, 2012

Bat Mask

Last year I wanted to be really practical and bought some Halloween costumes for my boys on sale, for them to use this year. This summer, since we live in a really small flat, I decided to pack all things unnecessary away  - what a wonderful feeling that was! The only problem is that on the same day my boys needed their costumes, I discovered that I had packed them away and it was impossible to find them again. :-(

What is a mother supposed to do in a situation like that?? I had to solve this costume-problem right away... so I went online and found this very cool, simple and quick Bat Mask for my older one. I also bought some really cheap but pretty black velvet (þunnt flauel, 3m á 1400 kr. í Rúmfó) and made him a black bat-cape - all in all it took me about 1 hour to make those 2 things... he just wore black pants and a black shirt and turned into a bat...

I bought my younger one a cowboy-gun&a sheriff star badge - he wore jeans and a shirt and turned into a cowboy...

What I learned from this Halloween-costume-situation: costumes don´t always have to be complicated, store bought and expensive to be fun! My boys had SO MUCH FUN with those simple, homemade costumes - and I really had fun making them... I think I might even make more masks like that for them to play with at home or as gifts... how about a fox-mask, a superhero-mask or a bear-mask???  Do you have more mask-ideas??

I´m so sorry, but the quality of those pictures is really poor... the light has been really bad lately and the weather has made it totally impossible to shoot some pics outside.... but at least you can see the costumes! 

 My Bat boy:

a bat and a cowboy:


  1. What a nice way to solve that missing Halloween costumes problem! The bat and cowboy costumes both turned out wonderfully :)