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Friday, April 26, 2013

creative in another way

I´ve been creative in an unusual way: creating the right atmosphere in my new home

my favorite things at my new home are...

This wall: it´s made out of special stones (Drápuhlíðargrjót) and I loved it the minute I walked into the house for the first time
the table: it was left in the house by the former owners & it looks like it was made 
for this house
this whole room: the livingroom, it´s so big, bright and beautiful

... having my own garden: can´t wait to grow my own herbs, veggies and flowers

... having my own working-space/craft room with this view: 

sneak-peek on my working space I: I carved the fish myself with a little help by my mother
the rest was found on the beach in Arnarfjörður (Westfjords) last summer 

sneak-peek II: from the Westfjords

sneak-peek III: remains of my youth

 my boys love our new home too... 

... but THEIR favorite thing about it is this football-game that was left in the house 
by the former owners

I must say, I love almost every little thing about this house - and the longer I live in it, 
the more I like it    
... and it has such a wonderful ´60/´70ies flair to i

Monday, April 15, 2013

my last day of vacation

We are really busy, moving into a new house
and I can´t wait to show you the before&after pictures...
but this was my last day of vacation
it´s taken in Hruni, one of my favorite places near Reykjavík