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Saturday, October 27, 2012

inspiring colours

There are interesting and inspiring colors everywhere - sometimes you just have to look very closely...

 Blues - turquoise



Grey, white, brown


 Orange, white

 Greens, Grey




Monday, October 15, 2012

candle making

The other day, my oldest sister gave me a huge amount of wax for candle making. The special thing about this wax is, that it used to belong to our beloved grandmother Guðný who passed away 1996. Our grandmother used to make a lot of beautiful candles and when she died, my oldest sister started using this wax for her own candle-making. My sister has not been making candles for many years now and gave it to me, knowing I really wanted to start candle crafting with my boys. I guess, one could say we´re going to keep this wonderful tradition alive.

I had a lot of fun making my first 4 simple, little candles and now I´m fantasizing about what kind of things I could use as molds, candle-colours, different kind of decoration-possibilities (leaves, pictures, candle-stickers...), scenting candles, candle-dipping...

A treasure: the only two candles I´ve got left, made by my grandmother 
(takk elsku besta Lóa mín - ég get ekki sagt þér hvað þú gladdir mig mikið með þessu!) 

my first candles, using old candle holders from a thrifstore

I really love those two - I used 2 pretty cups I found in a thriftstore to make them... I´ll be hunting for more cups like this... they´ll make great gifts...  

I found out, I could use the old cups and candle-holders as molds too, because it´s so easy to get the candles out of them - and than they look like this: 

I just had to show you this wonderful little thrift found of mine: a cute little 50'ies/60´ies bear, who now gets to keep my rings safe (the doily is an old thrift found too)