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Wednesday, November 7, 2012


While reading a great book about digital photography the other day, I got this Idea of a weekly blog-post-project that could help me develop my photography-skills. 

Johanna, the talented hobby-photographer from Knittingmydayaway is also very interested in photography, so she decided to go along and do the same thing! We are presenting you a new project on Wednesdays on our blogs - we always have the same task but we never let each other know what kind of pictures we are talking until we post them on our blogs... meaning I´m as excited as you are to see what Johanna is doing!

At first, I was afraid that my little Casio Exilim camera wasn´t good enough for this project, but then I red two things in my book that helped me get over this fear and I hope they inspire you too...

1. The best pictures of all times where shot with cameras, that where so much simpler 
than the once we have today.
2. The camera is important - but the person, standing behind the lens is much more important!

This week we decided on a theme, "growth". 
I´m using my own, first baby shoes as a motive - for me, they symbolize "growth" 

Important: please click on the pictures to see them in full size!!! 


  1. What a fun project, I'm sure your upcoming posts will be interesting to see. And I think your readers will learn something from your posts too :)
    The photos are great and very artistic. Love that little shoe too, so sweet.

    Have a lovely day, Kristin :)

    1. So glad you like our new project Hilde, and thank you for your nice comment on my pics! :-) Babyshoes are always so sweet, aren´t they?

      Have a wonderful weekend!!