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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Little treasures

My most precious things, are small treasures made by my two wonderful sons, age 3 and 5 in Kindergarten... when I look at those things, I think of my boys, and that just makes me happy :-)

Bidenam made this wonderful felt-heart for me - it´s hanging in the chandelier in our livingroom

My younger one, Freyr made this felted wool-thing some time ago - I just love it... it´s wooly, incredibly cute and he made it by rubbing together wool, water and soap with his small hands.
It´s hanging in the chandelier in our livingroom, along with Bidenams heart

Love this cute, red worm-like part, that´s looking out of the white egg-like wool

Bidenam made this pretty bird during his first year in Kindergarten with only 2 years... it´s so simple, creative and so very beautiful.

Bidenam made this one last week... I actually wear it because it makes me happy... it´s colourful, simple and made with a lot of love, patience. joy and hard work for me...

Bidenam painted those some time ago - on the left is a girly octopus and on the right: 2 friendly sharks... too cute and they are hanging on the wall in front of my desk - so that every time I look up from the computer I look at those friendly faces.

This one is for you Jóhanna...


  1. En hvað þetta eru yndislegir hlutir:)

  2. Aeðislegt allt! Það er svo gott að hafa hluti sem þau hafa gert í kringum sig!

    Og takk fyrr Esjuna, langar að knúsa hana!

  3. Ásthildur: hvort þeir eru!
    Jóhanna: verði þér að góðu! Vonandi líður nú ekki á mjög löngu áður en þú getur knúsað hana í alvörunni ;-)
    En já, það er svo sannarlega dásamlegt og gefandi að hafa svona hluti í kringum sig...

  4. Very, very sweet! Little treasures indeed, and so carefully made :)

  5. Yes Hilde, so very sweet and so perfect! :-)