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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Project Restyle: a DIY cake plate

A while ago I posted this about some cool things I found in a thriftstore and told you that I was going to do something special with the candle holder. Today was the big day: I finally finished my special project!!

Step 1: what you need is this:

A pretty plate - I´ve had this one for many years, got it in a thriftstore in Germany

A pretty candle holder - I got mine in a thrifstore in Árbær (Reykjavík)
Epoxy glue, bought in Húsasmiðjan
Step 2:
The next thing to do is to glue the candle holder and the plate together...

... et voilá: you´ve got your new cake plate! :-)


  1. Gordjöss ;) Líka svoldið jóló!

  2. takk fyrir Dossa! :-) jamm... er doldið jóló svona silfurlitað og hvítt saman! Fullkomið í jóla-afmælisveislu!

  3. Aeðislega fallegur! Svona eins og eitthvað sem hefur gengið í aettir, klassískur! Frábaer hugmynd hjá þér!

  4. Takk fyrir Jóhanna! Það er einsog þú sagðir sjálf um daginn: þetta einfalda er stundum svo fallegt! :-) Er ekki mikið af spennandi flóamörkuðum þarna úti hjá þér? Þú ættir nú léttilega að geta sett svona saman sjálf!

  5. What a great idea :) Your new cake plate looks very nice!

  6. Thank you so much Hilde! :-) I´m looking forward to using it for the first time!

  7. Hello Kristin :) Thanks for following my blog! And also for your nice comments.

    About spruce cones; they dye light brownish/beige.
    I dyed with spruce cones picked off trees or found on the ground in the woods where I live :)

    I posted some photos on my old blog if you want to have a look.

  8. Hi Hilde! Thank you for the information on the cones... I tryed getting a dye from those once, but I guess I didn´t have enought! I´ll have to try again. I looked at your posts on natural dyeing on your old blog - your colours are so pretty! I have to try out those red seeds! :-)