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Friday, December 9, 2011

Mittens from Egilsstaðir (Rósastrengsvettlingar)

I am knitting mittens for two young women. At first, I was thinking of making something out of the wonderful and soft kambgarn but I decided not to, since that isn´t really icelandic wool, even if it´s produced by ístex - and I wanted those mittens to be very icelandic, traditional, ladylike and at the same time warm.

These kind of mittens with that lace-pattern, made out of icelandic "einband, loðband" are very traditional icelandic and festive. Of course, I used my own yarn...
the brown: lichen (skófir)
the intensive yellow: rumex longifolius (njóli)... love, love, love those colours! The light was quite good, so that the colours come out quite well on most of those pictures.

I still have to make one more pair of mittens and I´m using rhubarb-yarn (one colour) for them.
This is a very fun and rewarding knit, even if it isn´t really a quick one...


  1. I'm trying to think what colours I would do these in! They are so nice.

  2. Thank you I´d rather be in Iceland! :-) I´ve seen them in colours like red and blue too... they look nice... and green too? Depends on what you like...

  3. Þeir eru AEÐI! Og litirnir frábaerir, saman og í sundur;)

  4. The mittens are beautiful!
    Such a nice pattern, and I love the natural colours. Great work :)

  5. he he... :-) Takk kærlega fyrir það Jóhanna - er strax farin að búa til aðra úr léttlopa í huganum... öðruvísi en þó eins...

  6. Thank you Hilde, it really is a nice pattern - and I think almost everything looks nice with natural colours, don´t you agree??

  7. hello
    those mittens are beautiful!!!!!!

  8. very nice like the colours too...

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  10. hello, I have been trying to find this pattern. I was in iceland in June and saw a pair of mittens just like these. I purchased Lopi yarn to reproduce the pattern but can't get it right. The Prjónaperlur book isn't available in the USA. Any help you can offer would be SO greatly appreciated. Thank you Amy