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Saturday, January 12, 2013


This year, almost every Christmas-gift we gave, was handmade by me :-) 
My goal was only/mainly to use things I had at home  (yarn, wax, paper...)

What I like about handmade gifts is, that you put so much thought into it - you can choose the perfect yarn, perfect color, perfect picture, perfect words, perfect button, perfect beads, perfect pattern, perfect herb-combination (salve) - depending on the recipient.

Unfortunately I didn´t make pictures of everything - but here are some of the things I made: 

This Pan-collar (my own pattern) was made for a little girl in Sweden 
yarn: acryl-yarn from Trysil (soft&shiny)
button: vintage button from my collection (yes, I actually have a button-collection)

I made this hat up for the same little girl
yarn: soft wool from Trysil
butterfly-pearls from Tiger (you could use them as buttons too)

 I made 3 of those in different colors. Once I started knitting this pattern, I just couldn´t stop making those hats :-) it was so much fun - easy, quick and so cute! It´s a really good project if you want to use up some yarn from your stash
yarn: Álafosslopi
pattern: Capucine by Adela, a free pattern found here

 I also made those candles - I bought big, white candles (ódýrust í Bónus), 
found some pretty pictures on the internet
found the perfect font on dafonts.com
used Illustrator for the rest (took some colors from the pictures for the letters and surrounding outside of the picture)

 The words on the other side of the candle mean:
friður = peace
kærleikur = love
styrkur = strength
sæla = happiness 
... and this is my wish for the recipient...

I also made some candles in a cup, slippers, another collar and more...
Did you make any Christmas-gifts this year???


  1. I bet, everybody was very pleased to get such great gifts..
    have a wonderful weekend,

    1. :-) I think they liked it- at least I enjoyed making them! Have a wonderful week!

  2. Das sind wirklich wunderschöne und mit viel Hingabe hergestellte Geschenke ... jedes für sich toll ausgedacht.

    Ich wünsche dir und deiner Familie ein friedliches, gesundes und kreatives Jahr 2013 ...

    Liebe Grüße

    1. Vielen Dank Susanne! :-) Selber Geschaenke-machen ist doch einfach wunderbar - und solche empfangen doch genauso, oder? Ich wuensche dir und deiner Familie auch ein wunderbares neues Jahr
      Liebe Gruesse!

  3. Æðislegt allt saman:) Fólkið þitt heppið að fá svona fallegar gjafir frá hjartanu.

  4. takk kærlega fyrir! Það er líka svo gaman að gefa svona gjafir!

  5. tótallí agrí!

    ps. jú tótallí osom end kríeitif pörson!