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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Stitch markers

Lately I´ve been feeling like my stitch markers don´t fit my knitting needles - it might have something to do with the fact, that I've been knitting a lot with needles nr. 10-15 since last summer :-) That´s why I decided to make my own, perfect sized stitch markers...

I went to a great craft store (í Holtagörðum) with some stitch markers I´d bought&liked and simply asked them how they where made. They were really helpful and showed me all the right stuff...

I used pearls in different sizes and shapes and felted balls I made with my boys the same day - you could use so many different things, just use your imagination! (mæli með búðum einsog Tiger og Söstrene Grene í perlukaup). 

I can´t wait to make more of those and some special people 
might even get some of those for christmas...


  1. Aeði!!! Geggjaðir þessi með þaefðu kúlunum.....þú ert alltaf svo sniðug (og frábaer og hugmyndarík og bara geggjuð á allann hátt (smjatt smjatt smjatt!!! (er það að virka???) ) )

    1. takk dúllan mín! :-) þetta er að virka já... he he LOL