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Monday, September 17, 2012


Like always, I´m working on several projects at the same time - it seems to impossible for me to work on just one project at a time. But I think it´s important to adapt the choice of knitting-projects to your mood - it´s just more fun like that: sometimes you´re in the mood for something complicated like a lace shawl, and sometimes you´re just too tired to do something that requires too much thinking (simple crochet squares or my Pan are perfect) ... or you get sick in the car if you have to look on what you´re doing (I prefer the body of sweaters without shaping)...and sometimes there are just things I have to knit like socks, mittens, hats and sweaters for my boys no matter what!

This weekend I added one more project to my long list of things I´m knitting/crocheting! The reason is, that I was recently told, somebody very close and dear to me is having a baby and since that, I´ve been browsing different babypatterns like a crazy person... hats, shoes, socks, sweaters and blankets. I want to knit them all!!! I decided to start with a crochet-blanket. while I decide what to knit next. This baby is arriving in the middle of winter, and  really needs a warm blanket to stay warm. I decided to use only plötulopi (icelandic unspun wool) from my huge stash.

The pattern I'm using is this free Bullseye Squares Pattern by Little Tin Bird (with a step by step photo-tutorial) - I´m adding one row around each square because I like it more that way... it´s kind of funky, retro, cool and minimalistic and reminds me of pom poms! The best thing about this pattern: it´s so quick and easy. It´s going to be a bit bigger than my livingroom table, perfect for the stroller. 

But what to knit next? What´s your favorite thing to knit for a baby? 

the colours - not sure about that white... (she doesn't know if it´s a boy or a girl)

I still have to make about 12 squares... 


  1. Congratulations to your friend who is having a baby, how lovely :)
    I love the colours you chose for the baby blanket, and it is coming along beautifully. Very nice looking granny squares.
    Can't wait to see what you will knit next :)

    Have a great day, Kristin :)

  2. the colours are perfect! I think white is a good, gender-neutral colour to add.
    As for what I like to knit for wee ones : hats. A) they're practical as you can't let a baby's head get cold, and B) babys are adorable in hats :)
    Crib toys are great fun too.

    1. Thank you Kniterly - I really love the colour blue myself :-) Knitting a hat is a good idea, you can´t have too many of those for a baby! :-) I have never knit a crib toy but maby it´s time I did? Have a wonderful day!