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Thursday, September 20, 2012


Autumn has arrived in Iceland and I´m a big fan of this time of year. 
What I love is: 
- the beautiful colours of nature
- the refreshing frost in the morning  
- frosty plants
- wearing a lopapeysa in the fresh air 
- enjoying a cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate

But most of all, I love talking long walks along the seashore on sunny, calm autumn mornings, 
tucked up in my warm handknitted things. 

What´s your favorite time of year and what is it, you love about it?

Here you have some pictures of my walk yesterday... 

the seashore

frosty plants

a magical moment


  1. hi, I totally agree with you, autumn is so beautiful, also here in Switzerland. Thank you for sharing the wonderful pictures of your walk.
    Ciao ciao Christa

  2. The photos are beautiful, Kristin, thanks for sharing your walk!

    To me every season has its charm, but I especially like spring and autumn. I like the changes in nature that occur during these seasons. In autumn I like the colours, the crisp, clear air and to light the fireplace on chilly, dark evenings :)

    1. Thank you Hilde! You seem to like the same things as me - but I wish I had a fireplace at home :-) You really are lucky!

  3. Ég er einmitt dáleidd yfir litum náttúrunnar þessa dagana.