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Monday, September 3, 2012

Bus Yarnstorming in Reykjavík

Remember my Granny-a-day-for-2weeks-challenge? Well, I actually made about 17 different crochet-grannys for the bus-yarnstorming-project. Our bus turned out to be so beautiful&perfect and you can read all about it on the Reykjavík Underground Yarnstormes blog and thanks to Litla Skvís, you see some pictures here. ! :-)

I found some pictures of my work in the bus here:

1. heart granny
2. huge Granny (the seat)
3. 9 different grannys together (the seat)
4. 3 big ones (the wall)

But here you have the last grannys I made: 

I can´t figure out, where I got the tutorials/patterns for those two.. but they where so much fun to make so I guess I'll have to have to find the patterns eventually... I used léttlopi for both of them:

Granny Flower Square (yarn: léttlopi): you can find a pattern and a good tutorial here

This one is just the classic granny square, you can find a pattern/tutorial here - what makes it unusual is the fact, that it is made with my giant, homemade crochet hook, with 8-stranded léttlopi... 
that makes it HUGE! :-)


  1. hi, I wish, I could take a trip on that bus. Such nice seats..
    have a great day, ciao ciao christa

    1. thank you! Have a wonderful weekend Christa! :-)

  2. The bus yarnstorming looked like great fun, Kristin :) I really enjoyed seing the photos. It must have been a lot of work behind all those crocheted and knitted pieces, and seing the bus so beautifully decorated must have felt very rewarding :)

    Love your latest granny squares, they are very pretty, and the giant square is amazing!

    Have a wonderful day :)

    1. Thank you so much! This really was a fun project, escpecially when I saw the result of all this crochet and knitting! :-)

      Have a nice weekend Hilde!

  3. Hæ Kristín
    þakka þér fyrir að kíkja við á bloggnum,
    mjög gaman að sjá þinn, fæ löngun til að hekla smá :)
    kveðjur Sif

    1. Hæ Sif! Ég mæli með því að hekla, það er svo gefandi og skemmtilegt! :-) Góða helgi,