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Monday, May 2, 2011


One of my most favorite mountains in Iceland and one of my biggest knit-spirations is "Esjan". From my flat, I have a great view over to Esjan and that was one of the things that influenced me and my husband when we got the flat! The colours of this mountain are always different, depending on the light and you always know winter is not far away when you begin to see snow on it´s top.
This morning, Esjan was beautiful as ever, but the colours where so special I decided to show you some pictures of this great inspiration of mine, even if you can´t "really"see the colours (white/blue/gray-shades), on these fotos. I must admit, I was thinking of knittingmydayaway when I got this Idea, since she seems to love "Esjan" as much as I do - I hope this brings you a bit of Iceland to NY! :-)


  1. ÆÐISLEGAR myndir! Mér hlýnaði um hjartarætur þegar ég sá þær.........án gríns! Mig langar alltaf að knúsa hana. Nú langar mig heim!

  2. it brought also joy to Switzerland Kristin...thank you