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Friday, April 29, 2011

Chamomile-/fjallagrasa-oil turnes into salve/lotion

The big day has come... no, I´m actually not talking about prince Williams and K.M´s wedding - even if it was really beautiful... I´m talking about my herb-oil that I could finally turn into a salve/lotion. I´ve been looking so much forward to doing this!

This is what I did:
1. I started by filtering out all the herbs
This step was a real mess but the smell of chamomile and oliveoil was so nice and it was such a great feeling, having those herbs in your hands and squezzing the oil out!

This is how the filtering looked like:

and some more filtering:

and some more filtering:

2. Melting the beewax in a saucepan.
The smell of the melting beewax is really special!

3. Finally I mixed the oil and the beewax together - and my curative and healing salve/lotion was ready!

I decided to call it "Seiður" (seidur) - this word was used to describe an old way of nordic magic, that people believed to be very powerful (you can read about the meaning here: http://is.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seiður)

What am I going to do with this: maby I´ll give some lucky friends a little bit on their birthday, I´m going to use it on my boys dry and sensitive skin - for my own hands that often get too dry and my husband is going to use it for his very dry hands and feet - I'm sure it will be useful for some other things too - we´ll see. One thing is sure: I´m going to make a lot more of this kind of thing, in different versions, out of different herbs, I just love doing this!

A really good blog with infos on homemade cosmetics (and a lots of other things) in icelandic is this one: http://seidkona.123.is/Blog/Cat/3683/


  1. Ohhh hvað þetta er girnilegt hjá þér!!! Ég held að náttúruleg krem séu best fyrir okkur, en það er svo dýrt að kaupa þau! Ég ætti kannski að prufa að búa mér til eitthvað.....

  2. Takk! :-) Ég er alveg sammála þér og mæli með því að prófa þetta. Þetta er ekki bara skemmtilegt heldur veitir manni líka alveg ótrúlega ánægju!

  3. Gaman að sjá þetta og gaman að fá að vita að síðan nýtist fólki. Gangi þér vel.

    Kveðja Seiðkona