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Saturday, February 22, 2014


My little niece had birthday earlier this month. I decided she should have a cute little mousie of her own and that this would be the perfect opportunity to finally knit Ysolda Teague´s Mousie from the book Whimsical Little Knits (you can also buy the pattern online here).  

This was the first time I knit a toy and it was surprisingly fun. The pattern starts with the tail/Icord and is knitted in the round, ending with the tip of his nose. I used léttlopi for this one and the pink yarn used for the tail, ears and nose is dyed with madder root.  This irresistible little mousie is not only really really cute, but also an extremely quick knit...



And just because I was having so much fun with my new lens... 


  1. o hun er allt of saet! Og fallegar myndirnar thinar, nyja linsan ad koma ad godum notum se eg! Toff seinasta myndin, vaeri flott i svortum ramma upp a vegg.........just saying:)

    1. Takk fyrir elskuleg! :-) Ég er amk að hafa mjög gaman af þessari linsu... miklir möguleikar en það tekur samt doldinn tíma að læra á hana!

  2. SO cute. I have it queued for a future project now :)

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