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Sunday, June 23, 2013

simple and pretty

The other day my oldest sister came back from a trip to Germany, with her bags filled with really nice necklaces she bought at a local market. Those necklaces are so simple, mostly made out of wooden beads in different sizes and colors - and SO beautiful! 
I felt really inspired and the day after I met my sister, I went straight to the next "Tiger"-shop, where they sell small bags with different kind of wooden beads and started making my own necklaces. 

I was so happy with the result, that I bought some more beads in different colors at "Tiger" and am  already fantasizing about making myself some more of those. I´d love to try dyeing my own beads with something like nail polish or maybe fabric-dye?

The first one

Nr. 2 - love those colors - this one makes me happy!

Nr. 3 - those are not wooden beads but really pretty anyway...

All three together


  1. Lovely necklaces, Kristin :) They look like great fun to make.
    I used to make bracelets from beads, which I really enjoyed, but haven't done that in years now. Perhaps I'll look out for some beads and have a go at it again in autumn.

    Thanks for your comment. It's a pity your avocado dye did not turn out successful, but sometimes natural dyeing gives an unexpected result. You could give it another try to see whether it turns out differently. What colour did you achieve?

    Enjoy your week :)

    1. Thank you! I´d love to see your bracelets - they might be perfect as christmasgifts?

      My avocado-yarn became some kind of a brownish shade - salmiakspiritus afterwords did not change much :-( But I might give it another try, using your method. Maby putting the salmiakspiritus in the water from the start might change the result? I think I´ll have to give it a try...

  2. They're lovely! The different shapes and colours of beads are pretty together. The green ones are nice too - - a lovely shade of green!