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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Baby blankets

Two people I know recently got a baby - both of them happen to be boys...
 ... and I really wanted to create something that would keep those little ones warm and cozy

The rules I set up for myself where:
1. No typical baby-boy-colors
2. What´s the best material to keep warm? Icelandic wool (unspun/plötulopi) of course, my favorite. 
 3. Since I have enough wool in my stash, especially leftovers, I also decided,
I could only use this material, meaning: no buying yarn.   
4. It had to be a quick project, since I really don´t have time for anything else at the moment

3.stranded-unspun icelandic wool, (þrefaldur plötulopi)

So thick and cozy!

1.stranded plötulopi - so thin, light and warm (einfaldur plötulopi)

So yummi!!!

looking at this one... I might have to crochet some pillows...


  1. Both of them are lovely, and I love the colours you chose :) They look so warm and soft, and they will be treasusred I'm sure! Beautiful work.

    Also thanks for your sweet comment :) About the Wordless Wednesday it is hosted by Tina at http://tinaspicstory.blogspot.com
    She posts a new edition of WW every Tuesday evening, and everybody can join in. You can post one or more photos of anything you want; nature, animals, scenery, buildings, city, places... It's fun :)

    Have a lovely weekend, Kristin!
    Here the dye plants are popping up now, and I have started planning some natural dyes, hopefully during the weekend :)

    1. Thank you so much for those kind words Hilde.

      I´m really feeling a need to start plant-dyeing too, so I might start this weekend too!

  2. Those are really pretty... love the soft colours! Those are sure to keep the baby boys nice and warm. Those colours would make lovely cushions.

    1. Thank you so much! I might make some similar cushions when I have the time