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Saturday, September 29, 2012


The first crochet blanket I actually finish is ready! It was a quick project (at least for me, making a crochet blanket), since I used hook nr. 7 and two strands of unspun icelandic wool for it, from Istex and Thingborg. 

But... something happend to it, when I washed it: the lopi from Thingborg (grey) got slightly felted and the lopi from Istex almost nothing at all! Strange enough, I actually like it even more that way; it´s warmer, sooooo cozy and the baby (not mine :-) will never, ever get cold covered with this one! :-)

I had a lot of fun making this funky blanket and really like it. My oldest son really loves it too and has been testing it for the baby for the last few days... I might even have to make him one too...

You can read more about it and the pattern I used for the squares in this post.

the perfect size: not too big, not too small so that it can be used used from age 0-100

funky, a little bit retro and happy

partly felted and very cozy


  1. Wow, the blanket turned out beautifully! It looks so soft and cosy. Really a warm and thoughtful gift for the baby :)
    I like how you combined the squares with the colours in diagonal rows. Creative, and very pretty!

    1. Thank you so much Hilde! I had so much fun with it and now I'm about to finish the one I started in 2009... only a few squares to go! :-) Hugs to Norway!