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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Dyeing yarn with Roiboos-tea and coffee

In front: coffee grounds-yarn; in the back: roiboos tea-yarn

The perfect thing for me during wintertime, while nature is "sleeping" is to experiment a bit with things I have in my kitchen shelfs and yarn :-)
This time I tryed out some old roiboos-lemon-tea (leaves) and coffee grounds. One of the many good things about tea and coffee-yarn-dyeing is that you don´t have to use any kind of mordant - a good thing for nature! I didn´t have very much coffee grounds so I just dyed a small amount of yarn to see what happens. The yarn I dyed is icelandic, and called "einband" - it´s laceweight and the perfect for shawls or really thin clothing.

I really liked how both colours turned out. The tea-yarn became yellow-orange - but if you use black tea you get a totally different colour: surprise... brown like a cup of tea!!
The coffee-grounds-colour was a nice, soft brown - but I´d like to try using a larger amount of coffee to see if I get a darker tone.

Roiboos tea
Roiboos tea

coffee grounds


  1. Flottir litir!! Mér finnst svona litir vera svo fallegir og nátturulegir. Ég er rosalega mikill áðdáandi lita nátturunnar!

  2. Aeðislegt! Ég er sérstaklega hrifin af þessum gula.....sörpraes sörpraes!;)

  3. Hello Kristin :) Thanks for visiting my blog and for your nice comments.

    What great colours you have achieved! I like them very much.
    Over the last two years I have been experimenting with dyeing with plant materials, but have never tried dyeing with coffee or tea. It sounds like a fun idea to try :)

    I'm so happy to have found your blog. Love your knitting, and is very excited to hear about your dyes. I'm looking forward to following your blog :)

  4. Hi there Hilde! Thank YOU for your nice comment! :-) So glad to hear that you like what I´m doing and writing! :-) Coffee and tea is so much fun to dye with, because you have it at home and you don´t need any mordant! :-) AND the colours are really nice!