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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Love Ysolda

Ahhhh how I love Ysolda Teagues designs! :-) I first saw her on Ravelry and after looking at her designs there, over and over again I was thrilled to find her "whimsical little knits 2" in a store in Reykjavík! I love just about everything about her things... her sweaters and in fact, all her things seem fit so perfectly, she always tells you about ways to change the pieces so they will fit you better or just look somehow different, the choice of colours, the fotos of her things and somehow she has a way to turn the simplest piece of garment into something really special with little details like buttons, lace or something else...
Sooooo I decided to make an "Ysolda "Whimsical little knits 2" marathon", and knit everything out of that book starting with the "Damson" and finishing with "Cotten Reel Mittens". There are just two condition for me:
1. I only get to use yarn from my overfilled yarn-stash! :-)
2. Before I start, I finally have to finish my beautiful "Kyrrð" (Johanna Bibbins, Knitting my day away).

I just can´t wait to start... and now I´m dreaming of having her new book: "Little red in the city"...

Damson (foto from the book "Whimsical little knits 2")

Cotton Real Mittens (foto from the book "Whimsical little knits 2")


  1. Mér finnst hún æðisleg líka (og svakalega sæt :)
    Ég sá "Little red in the city" hjá Drífu í Handprjón.is!!
    Bókin er ROSALEGA flott!!
    Hefurðu lesið einhverjar bækur eftir Zimmermann? Ég er svolítið forvitinn...

  2. Þessi bók eftir Ysoldu er svo sannarlega komin á jólagjafaóskalistann! :-) Jú, ég hef skoðað bækur eftir Zimmermann - hún var auðvitað algjör snillingur!