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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My walk today, 21 sept

I love every season of the year - each and every one is wonderful in it´s own special way.
At the moment it´s beginning to look a lot like fall and what I love about fall are the following things

1. It´s getting darker again - that´s quite cozy after having light 24 hours a day during summertime. Sooo... we can finally light some candles in the night and actually enjoy them.

2. The colours of nature

3. The cold breeze from the ozean, getting even cooler

4. When everything outside looks like someone spread diamonds all over the place after the first nights of frost

5. You can start wearing your warm, knitted things again - that´s so cozy!

This morning I went for my walk along the coast. The last night was the first night we had some real frost so that some of the plants looked so beautiful with little frost-kristals all over. It was sunny and no wind at all so that the ocean looked like a mirror. Seven wild goose flew about 1 meter above the ocean in a straight row, a dog barked somewhere far away, I heard the sound of the water when it hit the beach, some plants where starting to get red, brown and yellow and it was really chilly. Down at the beach, there where no footsteps in the sand besides my own and two little birds flew away with a lot of noise when they noticed me.
After my wonderful walk, I went directly to the thermal-pool "Lágafellslaug" and enjoyed being the only guest in the swimmingpool, sitting in the hot tub and finnish sauna.

I found a lot of peace in my heart this morning. I also feel really lucky and thankful, having those wonderful landscapes, incredible nature and perfect thermal-pool with a real finnish sauna just 2 minutes away from where I live.

My question for you is: what do YOU feel thankful and lucky for and what do you like about fall?

Here some pictures I took this morning (please click on them, so that you can enjoy them in full size)

The beach with no footsteps

That´s my path, along the ocean - far away you can see Reykjavík

People playing golf


Plants (crowberries)- looks like fall

Plants... so yellow- looks like fall


  1. Ég var búin að skrifa comment en það bara týndist!

    Allavegana, mér finnst myndirnar svo fallegar og vel teknar. Mynd 3 er svo skemmtilega ´´römmuð´´, finnst hún alveg einstök.

    Ég er alveg sammála þér með haustið, yndislegur tími:
    -Ferskt og brakandi.
    -Fallegir litir.
    -Elska að fá mér heitt kakó þegar byrjar að kólna.
    -Fullkominn tími til að hafa logandi kerti, og þá helst með einhverri lokkandi krydd og kökulykt!

  2. Takk fyrir þessi fallegu orð! Það ótrúlega við þessar myndir er að þær eru teknar á síma... magnað hvað þessar símamyndavélar eru orðnar góðar.
    Ég er alveg sammála þér í því sem þú nefnir með haustið - ferskt og brakandi er góð lýsing.