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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mittens for my dear mum

I made these mittens for my mum. I really wanted to make her something special that reminds her of me and something "very icelandic" because she spends a lot of time abroad. The mitten-pattern is created by me (yarn: léttlopi) and fits perfectly for my mothers hands. I wanted to use a embroidery-chart out of a book, but ended up making up my own (yarn: einband), which makes these mittens more personal. I´m happy with the result, but next time I make mittens like that, I´ll use "kambgarn" for the knit and I´ll start with the cross-stich-pattern on the top... I can´t wait to give them to my mum!


  1. Þeir eru ofsalega fallegir og útsaumurinn kemur mjög vel út í einbandi!

  2. Takk fyrir það! Já ég er ánægð með það hvernig einbandið kemur út. Hlakka bara strax til að sjá hvernig útsaumurinn með einbandinu kemur út á kambgarni á mjög litla prjóna.