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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Dyeing with Lupina

It´s finally Lupina-season again! I´ve been looking so much forward to this time of year, since you get a beautiful green flower from the Lupina flowers without using any other chemicals but Alum. I´ve tryed dyeing with every single part of Lupina, the leaves (only the green leaves), the flowers (only the purple part), the root and the seed-pods (read about it in this post). We have a lot of Lupina in Iceland so it´s very easy to get a lot of it in a short amount of time, without having to look very far...

About 2 weeks ago, I went for a walk with my boys with 2 bags and together we filled them up with the flowers from the Lupina. Picking the flowers with them is so much more fun than beeing alone and they are getting really interested in knowing what every single flower, plant and tree is called... so it´s kind of educational for them too.

I dyed some "kambgarn" with the flowers and got a wonderful, light mint-green colour... like always the pictures don´t really show the true nature and beauty of the natural colour, but here you go anyway:

the boys helping me out:

Picking flowers with mum is so exhausting!

Beautiful, wonderful, amazing Lupina flowers in my dye pot!

 Kambgarn, dyed with the Lupina flowers (only the purple part), light mint-green:

Kambgarn, dyed with the Lupina flowers:

Lupina-light mint-green close-up:

me and my boys:

léttlopi - on the left: red onion skins;
to the right: Rumex longifolius (washed with a little bit of salmiak spiritus)

where the wool comes from...

 pretty little thing


  1. I love this post, Kristin, very inspirational!!
    And you are really lucky to get such good help with picking flowers :) Looks like the three of you had a nice time.

    What a pretty colour you achieved, I really like the pale mint green shade :) The lupins are blooming in my neighbourhood too at the moment, and I will definately try dyeing with the flowers.

  2. Glæsilegt hjá þér og skemmtilegar myndir :)

  3. Hilde: I´m so glad you like this post Hilde! We really did have a lot of fun and I really want my boys to be connected to nature like I am... I can´t wait to see the result of your lupina-dyeing! :-)

    Kristín: sæl nafna og þakka þér klærlega fyrir hrósið. Mér finnst myndir oft segja meira en þúsund orð...

  4. Sæl, rakst á bloggið þitt og er mjög hrifin. Þú ert að gera ýmislegt sem ég myndi gjarnan vilja prófa s.s. að lita band. Takk fyrir að deila með okkur hinum.

  5. Sæl Sigrún. En gaman að heyra að þú ert að hafa gagn og gaman af þessum skrifum mínum hérna á netinu! :-) Bestu kveðjur.

  6. I love that light mint green color. So pretty.
    Your boys are so cute - and helpful.:-)

    1. Colours from natural dyes are almost always pretty and surprising because you never really know what you´re going to get! So glad you like it and thank you for the compliment on my boys... they really ARE cute and very helpful! I feel very lucky to have those two wonderful little guys!