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Wednesday, May 30, 2012


It´s finally summertime in Iceland! I went to the beach with my boys and hubby... I walked barefoot in the sand... my boys found a lot of pretty and fun things like shells and dead crabs... we sat down and dug our fingers in the warm sand and enjoyed...

 Grótta, Seltjarnarnes


my boys run a lot...

... and did a lot of digging...

 we also found some pretty things, like this heart 

we dug our fingers in the sand...

we found some dandelions...

we blew and made a lot of wishes...

quality time

... and we got really tired - so tired we almost couldn´t stand on our feet... :-)


  1. Sounds like a lovely day, and real quality time :)
    Have a wonderful summer Kristin!!

  2. Skemmtilegar myndir:) Svo gaman að fara á rölt með börnin og myndavélina!

  3. Hilde: we really did have a wonderful day! Have a wonderful summer too Hilde!

    Jóhanna: takk fyrir. Já ég er svo sannarlega sammála þér - göngutúrar með börnin og myndavélina eru frábærir!

  4. It's hard to grasp that it's "summertime" when you all are bundled up with jackets and hats. At least your feet were able to be bare. :-)

  5. :-) That´s a good point Judi! I guess for us, summertime means we get a few really warm days... more sunny days than usual and light nights (no dark at all)! It also means that nature finally becomes green... I really love summertime in Iceland...

  6. Skemmtilegt bloggið þitt, ég á alveg pottþétt eftir að kíkja oft hér inn :)

  7. Takk fyrir Fríða! :-) Þú ert auðvitað alltaf velkomin!

  8. Hello, I found your blog in Fra årstid til årstid, a link to plant dye. I like knitting too and think it must be nice to dye yarn.

  9. Hi there Gentiana Nivalis! Knitting is just wonderful isn´t it? And if you are using your own natural dyed yarn even more! You really should try it out! :-) Have a wonderful week!