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Sunday, May 27, 2012

A homemade greenhouse of my own...

Growing your own herbs is so much fun and eating them even more! :-) Somehow everything tastes better from your own garden, isn´t it strange? While living in Freiburg, in the south of Germany, I had no problems growing my own herbs. But after I moved to Iceland it seems almost impossible to keep them alive - I don´t know why... maby it´s the temperature, the wind from the ocean, the light? Well, anyway...  that´s why I´ve been thinking of making my own recycled-greenhouse for a while now - using only material I have at home or get for free.

What  I came up with was the following: 
1. The nice lady who works in my local grocery store (Bónus, Mosfellsbær) gave me 2 wooden, fruitboxes    (appelsínukassa) for free... they would have landed in the garbage anyway - but I gave them a new live and a new purpose. I love that feeling!
2. an old, transparent plastic oilcloth
3. paint
4. a stapling gun

What I did:  (if you don´t understand a thing, just look at the pictures - you´ll see what I did with your own eyes :-)

I removed 2 of the longest, wooden side-boards from both boxes, the buttom of one and put them on top of each other. I used the long boards to fix the two boxes together (the long, vertical boards you see on the front side)

After that I painted the boxes with white paint I had at home.

To finish the whole thing I cut the oilcloth to pieces (1 long piece for 3 sides, 1 small for the buttom, 1 long one for the top and the front side) and fixed it with my stapling gun.

I really love the way it turned out and what I need now, is some kind of a small, transparent shelf made out of something (any ideas?) to use all the space inside the greenhouse in a more effective way... I had SO MUCH FUN making my cute little greenhouse... I DID IT!

My greenhouse



Inside: seedlings, thyme and basil  


 my old thyme from last year surprised me and is getting a little bit green again...

chives: old and new 

Beans - did this one just for fun for my boys... 

My little balcony-garden:

 Bidenam hunting spiders with his water pistol:


  1. I love your little homemade greenhouse, Kristin, what a great way to reuse items!! I hope the herbs will grow well and award you with many nice harvests through summer :) Happy growing!

    And now I have done the knit tag, and it is posted on my blog.

    Have a wonderful week :)

  2. Frábær hugmynd hjá þér!! Það er svo geggjað að elda og nota jurtir sem maður hefur sjálfur ræktað!

  3. Hilde: I'm so glad you like it! My herbs are not growing very well... I really don´t understand why it´s not working for me here in Iceland :-( Let´s see how it goes...

    Jóhanna: takk fyrir hrósið ;-) Já, það er svaka gaman að elda úr eigin jurtum... ef þær drepast ekki áður en þær komast í pottinn!! He he...