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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Knit Tag

Johanna at Knittingmydayaway knit-tagged  me! Here you have 5 knitting-related questions she asks me:
1. Are you always happy with your FO’s (finished objects)?
 No, not always but it´s getting better every year... the more I knit, the happier I get! 

2. Are you sometimes so disappointed that you frog everything and start a new project? Why? Color? Yarn? Making? Too small? Too large?
I rarely frog a project... but I do, when I´m knitting a lace shawl, and I made an error or if my needles are to big and my lace isn´t looking good  - or generally only if it´s a total disaster and I can´t think of a different way of using the piece. 

3. Do you wear your knits or do they end up at the bottom of a cupboard? If so, why? How do they age after being washed and worn?
Yes, I do wear my knits! I use lot of lopi and lopi just keeps getting better when it ages...
4. Do you always make a swatch? (maybe it should have been the first question, lol ?!)
NO, and if I do, It´s an exception! :-)
5. Finally, would you rather work with some yarns you know well rather than others to avoid bad surprises?
I love experimenting with yarn and of course, I love luxary-yarns... but I do use a lot of lopi because  it´s my favorite yarn... !

Now, I´d like to knit-tag Hilde, Litla Skvís, Jacqueline and Siv


  1. Hi Kirsten
    I love almost all my FO's and seldom am I disappointed in the yarn or pattern.
    Yes I do wear all my knitted items every day. In fact I have so much in my cupboard that I often tell my hubby I need a change and need to just go buy something that is not knit...LOL. You can see that on my blog or on Ravelry under ” Knitswiss “too
    Swatches!!! What is that I smile…I know I should but almost never do them…so far so good
    I rarely frog a project.YESSS….. I love experimenting with yarn!!!!And of course, I love luxury-yarns though some can be too much for my budget

  2. Hi Kristin. What a nice knit tag, and I enjoyed reading your answers :)
    This will be fun to do!

  3. Svo gaman að lesa svörin hjá öðrum!;)

  4. Passiontocreate: thank you - it´s so much fun to see other people answers!

    Hilde: Have fun! Looking forward to reading yours...

    Jóhanna: svo sannarlega!!!