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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A diary of positive thoughts

 A few months ago, I decided that I was going to think of one little thing at the end of every day, that made me happy. My plan worked out fine and I´m actually still doing this every day and enjoying it... it´s so good for your soul and for your sleep :-)
The other day, while waiting for my my friend Rodprjonar at the city center of Reykjavík, I went into a bookshop (Mál og Menning, Laugarvegur) and found this wonderful little diary/notebook, called "Jane-a-Day 5 year journal. - with 365 Witticisms by Jane Austens". I thought it would be so very perfect for this positive-thought-a day-thing I'm doing. I really love this little "diary" and the fact that it reminds me of that wonderful, amazing day at the city center of Reykjavík with my dear friend, makes it even more precious to me :-) 
  (click on the pictures for a full-size)

A "Jane-a-Day"

 From the inside: every day has enough space for 1-2 sentences - enough for a happy-thought!
Every day has an interesting quote by Jane Austen - on my birthday it says: 
"Happiness must preclude false indulgence"...

 And some knitting: Mittens for 2 year old, pattern: "Kríli" and yarn: léttlopi.


  1. Geggjuð bók! Ég sá einmitt svona baekur í bókabúðinni um daginn.....svo girnó!

    Og sniðugt það sem þú ert að gera, skrifa niður á hverjum degi, mjög svo jákvætt!

    Og sætir vetlingarnir!

  2. Hugmyndin er SVO góð og jákvæð! Alveg eins og þú!!

    Takk kærlega fyrir dásamlegan dag niðri í bæ... það var frábær dagur!

  3. What a marvelous little book! Regular journals with endless empty pages can be a bit overwhelming, expecting endless pages of writing. One thought at the end of the day is perfect. Love the quote given for your birthday - and a Happy Birthday to you, whenever it is! :-)

    Have to admit to a twinge of jealousy at your spending the day shopping with Rodrigo. Such a special guy!

  4. Jóhanna: takk fyrir :-) Lopavettlingar eru svo góðir og að skrifa svona bók er svo óskaplega uppbyggilegt!

    Rodrigo: Æi takk fyrir R. minn! Þessi dagur var alveg ógleymanlegur! :-)

    Judi A.: this little book really is amazing... The thought at the end of the day is a positive thing to do and so good for your soul! :-) My birthday was on the 9th of may... and YES, I feel so lucky that I get to spend a day with the wonderful Rodrigo in the city center. He´s a wonderful person.

  5. Such pretty mittens, beautiful pattern and colours :)

    I love the book too, it is the perfect diary for positive thoughts. Thinking about things that made you happy during the day is a wonderful idea :)

    A belated big birthday hug to you, Kristin! Hope you had a lovely birthday :)