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Monday, January 23, 2012

Star by nature

I´ve been spending A LOT of time on Pinterest lately... a dangerous thing, this Pinterest - you can spend so much time there, without even noticing! But I really do love that site, it´s so filled with great ideas and inspiration - I´ve been asking myself, at what point your head becomes overfilled with ideas?? Anyway, last week I found this pin... and thought, those twig-stars would be a fun and a pretty thing to do! A simple thing is so often the most pretty thing!

During a saturdaywalk with my boys and husband in the frosty winter-wonderland in Mosfellsbaer (where we live) we found some perfect twigs. Sunday, I made the stars... they are so simple and fun to make... all you need is:
twigs and yarn
a hot glue gun to fix the end of the yarn, if you roll it all around the star like I did ...

How to make them? You´ll see as soon as you look at the pictures... they are so very simple that you don´t even need an explanation!

The nice thing about those stars is, that you can use them in so many different ways - you just have to use your imagination... as a decoration-item on a gift (like I did), hang them in your window, on your front door (like I did)... do you have more ideas??

the 1. step: finding the twigs!

a basic-star (yarn: dyed with rhubarb)... as a decoration-item:

... covered with rhubarb-yarn (ends: fixed with hot glue) on my front door:

This is what we did with the remaining twigs: (yes, we are a bit desperate for
green leaves after all this snow and frost)
Our saturday walk in Mosfellsbaer: frosty, snowy and beautiful colours:
Mosfellsbaer (where we live here in Iceland)

Esjan (never looks the same - depending on the light)


  1. Beautiful pictures. I'm always amazed that Iceland is so beautiful! Love your twig stars. Last year I purchased one for part of my Christmas decorations. I don't have little ones to help me gather the twigs! :-)

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  3. Thank you so much Judi A.! :-) So glad you like the pictures... I just had to add them to this post - the light and the colours were so amazing that day!
    The nice thing about twig stars is, that you can use them (at least I think so) all year around... they are always a nice decoration... and during summertime even more easy to make because when looking for them - they are not covered with snow! :-D

  4. http://www.purlbee.com/big-snowy-owl/

    Fyrir þig ;)

    kv. fríða

  5. Nice photos, Kristin. You live in such a beautiful place!

    Making stars from twigs is a good idea, and they look great.
    I hope the little twigs in the glass jar will grow green leaves, that is so nice :)

    I miss green leaves too. Luckily I have lots of pine trees and spruce trees and junipers, which are green all year around, by my house. They do remind me that once again spring will come :)

    Hope you are having a nice week!

  6. Takk fyrir Fríða! Þessi er dásemd!
    Hilde: thank you so much! :-) I feel really lucky to live here! The twigs don´t have any green leaves yet... but you never know! I´m not going to give up hope!