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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A knitting needle roll

It always goes on my nerves how my knitting needles are all lying in a big chaotic bundle in my knitting needle-case... if I want double pointed needles nr. 3,5 I´ll have to search forever... and if I´m lucky enough I´ll find 5 of them...
Therefore I´ve been searching a good, free knitting needle roll-tutorial on the internet for a while now - and today the big day arrived: I finally made my very own knitting needle roll, mixing up those 2 tutorials: madebyloulabelle and lupinbunny.

I had to adapt the roll to my needs, since I never, ever use those 2, really long needles... this is the result and I´m really happy with it. The only thing I would do different next time is, to use thinner fabrics... maby just a thick one for the outside and thinner ones for the rest.

At last, I can find all the needles I need... I just can´t wait to make another one for my circular needles... just have to find the right fabrics...



everything has it´s own, special place:

ahhh... finally some order...

all rolled up...


  1. Wow!! It's great!

    I know exactly what it is like to search for knitting needles and crochet hooks everyhwere and not finding what I need :-D LOL!!

    A needle roll like that is absolutely great.
    Beautiful work, and the fabric is very nice!

  2. thank you Hilde! It´s so frustrating sometimes, looking for the right needles when they are all mixed up... right?? :-D

    I´d love to see pics if you make something similar!!! I like the fabric too, I got the orange one in IKEA - they really do have nice fabrics!

  3. Love your creativity. I have sooo many needles (inherited ones from grandmother and mother as well as ones I've purchased) so think I would need at least 3 of your holders. Am just starting a reorganization of circulars. Too many for present holder. Probably should stop buying more, right?!

  4. This is so lovely! Great organization, and such cute fabric!!

  5. Thank you Judi A. and Inna! :-) +
    Judi A:
    Thank you soooo much for your kind words! :-) Just like you, I still have a lot of needles, lying around in a chaotic pile... I guess, I need at least 3 of those too! But the first step is done! I think bigger pockets would be better for circulars...

    Inna: I really like this fabric (from IKEA)... maby it´s because of the birds? Birds make almost everything pretty! :-)

  6. Efnið er rosalega flott og kemur vel út í þessu stykki!

    Svo gott þegar allt á sinn stað og haegt er að ganga að því vísu.........ekki að ég viti mikið um það, en ég allavegana ýmdina mér það!;)

  7. he he! :-) Takk fyrir Jóhanna! það er mjög gott að hafa svona reglu á prjónunum... mæli með því!

  8. Vá Kristín!! Þetta er svo svakalega ofurflott!!! Efnið sem þú notaðir er æðislegt!! Love love love love it!!

  9. Takk kærlega fyrir Rod minn! :-) knús til þín!

  10. Love what you haved done with your needle roll - the extra big flap is a great idea. Thanks for the mention!
    Verity x(aka Made by Loulabelle)