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Friday, January 27, 2012

crochet candle jars

Candle lights during the dark months in Iceland make me really, really happy and bring peace to my mind... maby that´s why I´ve been so busy making different kinds of candle light-jars lately?

My last one makes me "extra" happy because it´s my first crochet-light-jar I actually am able to make - maby my crochet-skills really are improving? I´m going to make more of those, using my handdyed einband... can´t wait to see how they turn out! One thing is sure, without this great tutorial by "Nature Nut Notes" I would never, ever been able to make this one...

so very cozy:

in light:


  1. Your crochet-light-jar is beautiful, Kristin. I love how the light shines through, it makes such a nice atmosphere.

    Looks like your crochet skills are excellent :) Well done!!

    Thanks for your nice comment at my blog.
    Have a wonderful weekend :)

  2. Þetta er VIRKILEGA fallegt og notalegt! : )

  3. Hilde: thank you so much! :-)
    Rod: takk krúttið mitt! knús til þín!
    NW Nature Nut: thank you! I really have been enjoying this one!