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Tuesday, August 16, 2011


A few weeks ago, Rodprjonar and G. gave me some Saffran they bought in Spain, because they really wanted to now if it was possible to dye yarn with it. I was really happy with this gift, and excited to see the result of the dyeing. I used mordant and then I cooked the yarn with the saffran. You wouldn´t believe how very yellow the yarn turned out :-) The colour reminds me of easter, IKEA and the swedish flag! I really like the colour and I LOVE the fact, that the wool smells like saffran!

The saffran starting to cook, not looking very impressiv

wool and mordant

wool and saffran united

Wool and saffran united - a closeup
rinsing the wool


  1. ó mæ gad hvað það er hrikalega fallegt á litinn!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ÆÐISLEGT!!!

  2. :-) Mjög gult... alveg geggjaðslega gult! :-D he he