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Wednesday, August 3, 2011


CafeSigrun.com is a blog full of healthy and great recipes. Ever since I read this post from Barbietec I´ve been wanting to make "orkuhnullungar". For those of you, who can´t read icelandic, this is not interesting, since the recipe is in icelandic :-( Sorry about that! I didn´t have all those healthy organic things you are supposed to use, and instead I just used what I had at home. But I´m sure those cookies would taste even better if you only use everything super-healthy and organic... I only used dates (döðlur) and no raisins - but I´ll probably use both next time. I didn´t have enough sesame-seeds, so I added a bit of sunflower seeds (I roasted the seeds together with the nuts in a pan) . I also used the double amount of cinnamon. I really like the result - they have a strong, special taste of the roasted seeds and nuts, a mild taste of chocolate and the spices... I´m sure those are going to become a favorite of mine and I´m going to keep on experimenting with the recipe.


  1. here is the recipe in English :)


  2. mmmmmmm en girnilegt!!! Oh mig langar svo að núna!

  3. átti að vera baka á undan núna! hahah fyndið að lesa þetta svona!

  4. Takk fyrir þetta Barbietec vissi ekki að hún væri með þetta á ensku líka!! :-)
    J: bakaðu þær þá bara!! Það tekur mjög lítið mál og frekar fljótlegt!