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Friday, July 22, 2011

A new salve, saffron and rhubarb

Remember THIS post about a skinproblem-salve for a dear friend? Well, I finally made the salve yesterday after waiting for almost 2 weeks for beewax (they didn´t have it at the store). Like I planned, I used lavender-ssential oil, because I didn´t really like the smell of it before. I´m happy with the result, since it makes your skin really soft and hast a really nice scent. My friend got it yesterday and was excited to try it out - I´m excited myself, to see what effect it has on her skin.

The herbs:
the salve:
Yesterday I met some really nice knitting-friends. I was so happy and really surprised when Rodprjonar and G. gave me some saffron they bought in Spain and some rhubarb to dye my wool with - what a nice thing of them to do! :-) Now I just can´t wait to try to get some colour out of those things! I love the scent of saffron and how nice would it be to make something out of wool, that might have the smell of that spice and reminds me of a really nice evening with some knitting-friends?


  1. hi Kirstin, I can imagine that the salve works out good ... I will try making it myself, good luck with the saffron.. I always use it when preparing a Risotto...ciao ciao Christa

  2. I´m excited to see the result of your salve-experiments! This is so much fun - have you ever done something like this yourself? LOVE Saffron - everything about it, the smell, the colour and everything else!

  3. Þetta lítur rosa vel út hjá þér. Spennandi að sjá hvernig garnið á eftir að koma út!

  4. :-) Takk fyrir. Garnið kemur mjög vel út - það er mjög lifandi og fallegt - skemmtilega óreglulegt svo að segja, sem gefur því líf!