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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Salve for a dear friend

One of my best friends, has got Psoriasis. That´s why I´ve been searching information about what herbs and plants can help her with that. I found out, that birch (birki), Iceland moss (fjallagrös), Rumex longifolius (Njóli) and yellow bedstraw/Galium verum (gulmaðra) are recommended for Psoriasis.
I was really lucky to have some dry Galium verum and Iceland Moss at home, but I had to go out and get some birch and Rumex longifolius - I found both in a beautiful place called "Heiðmörk".
The plants have been lying in olive-oil since 25. mai, so I have to wait for at least one more week to make the salve out of the herb-oil.

This time, the oil has almost no smell at all. I was hoping the birch would give it a nice scent - but no. I´m thinking of using some ssential oil to "fix" that. I think lavender might be the perfect choice because:
1. It is supposed to have a calming effect and because of that, it´s recommended for skin-problems
2. Just love the smell, who doesn´t?! :-)

This is what the oil looks like at the moment:


  1. Svo góð lykt af lavender, er með þannig hérna úti hjá mér og er alltaf að þefa!;) Þetta á örugglega eftir að koma rosalega vel út hjá þér!

  2. :-) Lavender er algjört yndi! Ég vona svo sannarlega að þetta komi vel út og að eigandinn verði ánægður!

  3. Hi Kristin
    Thanks for your nice comments on my blog :)
    I love to heal with herbals and other nature things and my best friend is waiting on the results if she has psoriasis. So thanks for this post, maybe I will need it for my friend...

  4. You´re welcome! :-) I´ll probably make the salve next week and tell you how it turned out! :-)