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Thursday, June 23, 2011

candleholder makeover

After reading this post from "skreytum hús" about a candleholder makeover, I got so inspired that I really wanted to do something similar. I went to the thrift store to look for a candleholder to spray, and got really lucky. I found this beautiful golden candleholder, just waiting to get a makeover. I found it a bit hard to make the colour look nice and even, but after many layers of paint, it turned out fine. This is the result - you can see that I´ve been using it a lot! Too bad I forgot to take some "before-pictures"!


  1. Hann er æðislega sætur!

  2. Takk! :-) Var skemmtileg tilraun.

  3. Hello Kristin
    Wow what a nice place to visit. You’re Blog! Love how you do all the hand dying with flowers. I have never gone that far and dyed my yarn. It must be a lot of fun to do that. Your yarn and knitted items look amazing...
    I will put your site on my site. Hope to stay in contact with you...

  4. Thank you so much Jacquline! :-) The hand dying is such a great fun and good for your soul! :-) I´ll put you on my site too!