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Monday, June 20, 2011


I dyed wool with Dandelions (Fíflar, bara blóm) last week. I just love how those flowers look in the pot - almost to beautiful to cook! :-)

One of the best parts of wool-dyeing with plants is the picking of the plants - it´s just you and the nature all around and in your hands.. and then you take this feeling with you home, and in a way, you put this special feeling along with the colours of nature, in your wool. This time I picked the flowers with my two sons and we had so much fun - now I´ll always think of this beautiful moment, when I see this yarn.

As always until now, I love the way the colours turned out - an earthly-yellow (can´t really see them on the pictures).


  1. Hvað ég skil þig, eru svo girnileg og falleg í pottinum blómin! Og liturinn kom vel út, rosa fallegur!

  2. Takk Jóhanna! Ég þarf að fara að senda þér litaprufur svo að þú sjáir litina í raun og veru með eigin augum! :-)

  3. I will try this out too..thank you for sharing..
    ciao Chrisa