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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Word of the week: outlines

Like always, I had so much fun with this weeks "word of the week - outlines". 
I took me some time to shoot the pictures since it was raining a lot but here you go...

Street art in 101 Reykjavík

my own - I call it "a lot on my mind"... outlines only... 

my own - only circles in this one

Inside the Reykjavík concert hall "Harpa"

Outlines and framing in "Harpa"

on the streets of Reykjavík... 
I love trees... 
warm colors and outlines


  1. Very nice photos, Kristin :)
    I like your artwork, those are really great!

  2. Hi Kristin,
    Would you please email me at judi7597@bellsouth.net I tried connecting to your email on your profile, but I was unable to. I would really appreciate it.
    Judi A.

    1. I just tried sending you a message on this emailadress but was not able to contact you (I got an error-message). You could try sending me an email to this emailadress:

      Kristín Hrund.

  3. Thank you Kristin, Just checked your comments and have the new email address. Will try to get a message off to you today.
    Judi :-)