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Sunday, February 10, 2013

crochet blanket

I´ve been creating so many things for other children than my own lately, so I decided it was time to make something for my boys. My older one loves Icelandic wool - he want´s to cover himself with it, swim in it, dig in it... he loves everything about it, even the smell :-) So.... why not make him a crochet blanket of his own, big enough to wrap all around himself? 

I decided to use the traditional granny square pattern for this blanket. What I like about this blanket is the simplicity&at the same time "happiness" of the colors. It only took me 1 week to make it since each square only has 2 colors.  

I didn´t make an edging because I want to be able to add some rows around it when he grows...

hook: nr. 7 
material: icelandic unspun, 2 strands (tvöfaldur plötulopi). I mainly used wool from my stash.

Do you recognize the system behind the color-arrangement?

dig in...

my big boy enjoying&loving his new blanket


  1. Rosalega einfalt og fallegt teppi. Klassík.

    1. takk fyrir mín kæra! :-) Þau eru dásamleg þessi ullarteppi. Á sko eftir að gera fleiri!

  2. Oh, it's really gorgeous, Kristin :) The wool looks lovely, and I really like the colour arrangement.

  3. Aeðislegt!!! Einfaldlega það eina sem ég get sagt! Svo fallegt í sínum frábaera einfaldleika. Og ótrúlega girnilegt, litirnir og garnið! Mikið er hann heppinn!

    1. takk elska! Fallegt af þér. :-) dásamlegt að umvefja sig lopa...