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Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas is coming...

I´ve been busy creating different things lately.

The first thing I want to tell you about is our new advent-candle-holder. I really love driftwood and I found this beautiful piece in the north of Iceland about 2 years ago. I took it with me because I loved it, without knowing what I was going to do with it. Right now, I´m so glad I did! 

Using my pretty piece of driftwood, old candle-holders with a needle at the bottom - the ones you would normally use for candle-wreaths (like those) & tiny wooden stars I bought at Laugarvegur (púkó og smart) I made this really simple and natural-looking advent-candle-holder. :-)   

Ooooohhhh how I love it...

The second thing I want to tell you about is my second Kria-shawl - what a wonderful project... you can work on it everywhere and in almost every situation (except maby while driving or sleeping)... 
you can take a look at my first one in this post and on Raverly

yarn: my own, handdyed einband (icelandic wool), dyed with different kind of plants
made for: my lovely friend Rodrigo for his birthday

Button: from my "button-stash"

And now to my nr. 3: my candle-decorating
How I did it: 
1. I found some lovely pictures on pinterest (you can find them over there in my "jól" board), printed them out (normal paper, landscape layout, with black ink only) 
2. Cut the picture out in the right size, depending on your candle
3. Finally, I mod-podged my candle about 3 times, glued the picture on the candle and mod-podged it from the outside. 

It has been burning for a few days now, the paper has still not gone up in flames and we really love the way it looks... 
I´m thinking about making some special designs, using Illustrator as Christmas-gifts...


  1. Kransinn er ÆÐI! Ofsalega fallegur! Og jólakertið, gaman að heyra að það kviknaði ekki í öllu!! Kemur svo vel út.
    Og sjalið hans Rods, svo flottir litirnir og skemmtilegt sjal!

    1. Takk fyrir dúllan mín! :-) ekki ennþá kviknað í sko...