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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Homemade pesto

There is nothing like homemade pesto... once you´ve tried it, there is no more turning back - promise! The best thing about pesto is, that it´s really simple, quick and it´s almost impossible to do something wrong. It´s also very versatile: try using some walnuts or pistachios instead of pine nuts and you have a totally different tasting pesto.

I´ve never used a recipe and just been trying out my own combinations. But yesterday I wrote down a recipe for my pesto for the first time ever... just for lucky you!

How to use it:
Of course, pesto is perfect with pasta, on fresh bread (f.eks.. bruschetta), on your sandwich together with some veggies, marinated chicken (I really recommend it for grilled chicken-breast - what a perfect combination!), marinated and grilled feta-cheese (wrap it in alufoil and grill it - yummi!!) , mix it with yogurt and you have a really tasty cold sauce or do it like my husband and older son: just eat it with a spoon if you love it like they do!! :-) (they call it "frog-sauce"/froskasósa because it´s so very green)

You get a lot of pesto (at least I think it is a lot) using my recipe, but if I make this sauce, I really like to make a lot of it at once and use it for different things...


75 g ruccola (1 bónus-ruccola-poki)
100 g basil (2 pakkar)
50 g pine nuts (1 poki)
200 ml olive oil
80 g fresh parmesan (rúmlega hálft stykki)
8 garlic cloves (more or less depending on your taste)
salt and pepper

Put those ingredients in a blender (or food processor) and mix them up until the blend looks smooth and yummi...

Of course you can just use only basil and leave the ruccola out. The reason why I started using ruccola for my pesto is simple: in Iceland, basil is really expensive. Ruccola has a very special and strong taste... just perfect for pesto... I´ve even tried using only ruccola and left the basil out - it really tasted good too and not bitter at all.

Please tell me if you try my recipe out and how you liked it!!! :-)

my knitting-project at the moment:


  1. Nom nom!
    Heima gert pestó er LANGBEST! Ég er 100% sammála þér! Það væri gaman að prufa að nota pistasíur í staðinn fyrir furuhnetur (ég fæ grenimunn þegar ég borða þær... það er ógeðslegt og endist í margar dagar!!).

  2. Mmmm. Definitely adding the ingredients to my next grocery list. Thanks!

  3. RodPrjonar: hvort það er! Ég myndi prófa pistasíur ef þér finnast hinar vondar - er mjög gott!

    Erin: you are so very welcome! Enjoy!

  4. mmh your pesto looks wonderful.
    i like your knitting project.
    greetings from germany,

  5. Thank you so much Regina! :-) This pesto really is good and you can use it in so many different ways! Greetings to wonderful Germany from Iceland!