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Monday, April 2, 2012

Cardigan-restyle and still knitting

Do you have a sweater (or maby more than one), that´s too short and too tight? Well... some months ago, I found a new blog I really love: "Delia creates" and a very cool post (good tutorial) about a cardigan conversion (here). What a creative lady!

Ever since I read this post, I´ve been looking for the perfect sweater for this project and the other day, I finally found one and only paid 200 icelandic krónur for it!! Since I love lace, I had to add some, which makes the cardigan very feminin and girly - and the best thing is: wearing it feels like summertime! I really like the way my new cardigan turned out - it´s a perfect match for my IKEA-dress I showed you in my last post...

my cardigan before:
ahhh... lace and pretty buttons! (It was my first time, making buttonholes)
love my new cardigan... thank you Delia!!!

on the inside: I was thrilled to be able to add some owls... :-D

I also wanted you to know, I´m still knitting like crazy, I just can´t show you anything just yet... but here you have a glimpse of one of the things I'm knitting:


  1. Peysan er alveg hrikalega saet! Hún tóks alveg rosalega vel hjá þér og er eins og allt önnur flík eftir að þú skelltir henni undir nálina! Frábaert!

    Og gaman að laumupokast smá með prjónið...........hí hí...munstrið geggjað;)

  2. Takk fyrir! Ég er búin að nota hana svo mikið... er eitthvað svo sumarleg og notaleg! :-) Ótrúlega gaman að laumupokast svona pínu!!! Ætla að gera það aftur næst he he...

  3. Gordjöss :) Guli liturinn fallegur og breytingin æði!

  4. Takk sæta! :-) ég er eitthvað voða gul þessa dagana...