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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Once upon a time there was... embroidery

After realizing how many different kind of projects I´ve finished through the years I decided to share one of them with you once a week... Since I love fairytales, I´m going to call this "thing" "Once upon a time there was... ". This week I´m going to show you some cushions I made 2003 for our bedroom in Germany.

The embroidery is freestyle and I the only thing I decided before I started making them was that I wanted a bird in the center and some kind of flowers because they are so fun to make! I used some stitchguides in the wonderful french DIY-magazine "Marie Claire Idees", some fabric from my fabric-stash and small beads. I used a lot of chain-stitch...

Nr. 1:

Nr. 2:

A butterfly came my way:

My mum taught my how to make those circle-flowers:

A ladybird, to bring us luck:
More details: circle-flowers and beads:

I was so happy, when my birch-twigs actually became green! Never in my dreams I would have expected that!


  1. Þú ert svo flott Kristín!!
    Mig langar að sjá púðana með eigin augu!
    Ég verð að læra að sauma... málið er að ég ekki viss hvort ég er nóg þólinmóður til að gera það! Æ, æ, æ! :)

  2. Þakka þér kærlega fyrir R. :-) Þú getur alveg gert þetta líka - ef þú hefur þolinmæði í bobbinsið, þá getur þú svo sannarlega saumað út! knús til þín!

  3. So nice to see the green leaves coming out. Seing the photo made me smile too :)

    The cushions and the embroidiery are very pretty. Such sweet flowers and birds! I love the style. Great work, Kristin!

    Have a happy weekend :)

  4. Thank you Hilde! I hope you had a nice weekend yourself! :-)