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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Crochet flowers

I´ve been practicing crochet lately and since I don´t know how to read a crochet-pattern I´ve been using youtube... It´s amazing what you can learn from youtube! The possibilities for the use of pretty crochet-flowers are endless... as a decoration for hats, mittens, headbands, sweaters, handbags, a mobile...

I started with this very, very simple, small and cute flower by using this great tutorial. It´s so easy that even I, a total beginner can understand what´s going on...
nr. 1:

For those cute flowers I used my own, handdyed lace-yarn (einband, rhubarb and crowberries). For the hat I used kambgarn, needles nr. 2,5. The pattern is a bit modified one, from the book "prjóniprjón" and for the mittens I used this pattern by "handahlaup":

The tutorial for second flower I made was this one. It was very easy to follow as well and I learned a lot...
nr. 2:

The next flower I made was a bit advanced, but I had learned a lot, making the other 2 flowers, so I was able to do this one as well. Especially since this step-by-step tutorial, part 1and part 2 was very well done and also easy to follow. I really love, love, love this 3D Gardenia and I have about 1001 idea how to use it:

nr. 3:

At last we have my first, very own creation. Unfortunatly I don´t speak "crochet-language" and therefore can´t write a tutorial on how they are made (yet)... but I can tell you this much: if I am able to create my very own flower after making those above... you can do it too!

I used some of my own, handdyed yarn for those - left-over einband (lace), dyed with Rumex longifolius and rhubarb:
Rumex longifolius:

This is what I´m doing with them... I have about 32 to go... ;-)


  1. Blómin þín eru fallegt, og gaman að sjá snjóinn á myndunum!;)

  2. Oh, the large flower is gorgeous!! I like the others too, nice work :) And thanks for the link, I will have a look.
    The colours of the yarns are beautiful. I have never plant dyed with rumex and rhubarb, but maybe next summer I will.

    Thanks for nice comment. The yarn I used for the bag was dyed with heather (yellow) and mugwort (green). Heather works very well to dye with, while mugwort does fade a bit in time.

  3. Vá, þetta er gordjöss, bæði á barnasettinu sem og ljósaserían! Snilld :)

  4. Jóhanna og Soffía: Takk fyrir! Ég hlakka ekkert smá til að sjá ljósaseríuna kláraða! :-)

  5. Hilde: thank you so much for those kind words! :-) You have to try it... rumex is beautiful and has a really strong colour for a first and second dye... and rhubarb is really nice too and you don´t need any mordants for that one! :-)