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Friday, December 9, 2011

Mittens from Egilsstaðir (Rósastrengsvettlingar)

I am knitting mittens for two young women. At first, I was thinking of making something out of the wonderful and soft kambgarn but I decided not to, since that isn´t really icelandic wool, even if it´s produced by ístex - and I wanted those mittens to be very icelandic, traditional, ladylike and at the same time warm.

These kind of mittens with that lace-pattern, made out of icelandic "einband, loðband" are very traditional icelandic and festive. Of course, I used my own yarn...
the brown: lichen (skófir)
the intensive yellow: rumex longifolius (njóli)... love, love, love those colours! The light was quite good, so that the colours come out quite well on most of those pictures.

I still have to make one more pair of mittens and I´m using rhubarb-yarn (one colour) for them.
This is a very fun and rewarding knit, even if it isn´t really a quick one...


  1. I'm trying to think what colours I would do these in! They are so nice.

  2. Thank you I´d rather be in Iceland! :-) I´ve seen them in colours like red and blue too... they look nice... and green too? Depends on what you like...

  3. Þeir eru AEÐI! Og litirnir frábaerir, saman og í sundur;)

  4. The mittens are beautiful!
    Such a nice pattern, and I love the natural colours. Great work :)

  5. he he... :-) Takk kærlega fyrir það Jóhanna - er strax farin að búa til aðra úr léttlopa í huganum... öðruvísi en þó eins...

  6. Thank you Hilde, it really is a nice pattern - and I think almost everything looks nice with natural colours, don´t you agree??

  7. hello
    those mittens are beautiful!!!!!!

  8. very nice like the colours too...

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