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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

a "superman" cape for my boys

My boys are home for a few days, since their kindergarten is closed. Today was their first day at home and they were SO bored... wondering how to occupy and help them to have fun again, I decided to make them superman capes. This is something my younger one has been asking me to make him for quite some time now - a friend of his in kindergarten has something similar... that´s why. I bought some fabric at IKEA the other day, just perfect for this project :-) Don´t you just love IKEA?

I´m really happy with the result since my boys are happy and busy playing again! This was a really easy, quick and effective project! This showed me once again, how fun things don´t have to cost a lot of money or be really complicated to make my boys happy... maby I'll make them some halloweencostumes myself this year?

Ready to take off

my cute - and of course brave and strong superman-boys

That´s how it looks - really simple


  1. Saetastir! Og þú sniðug að malla svona sniðugt handa þeim! Rosa flottar!

  2. :-) Takk fyrir! þetta er svo skemmtilega einfalt og áhrifaríkt verkefni! knús til þín