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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Shawl in a day

Yesterday I realized I had to frogg a shawl ("Kyrrð"), I´ve been knitting day and night since last week. This shawl, which I really LOVE, has a hood that was far too big for me because I had not been knitting tight enough.
This was soooo frustrating, that I had to knit something else, before I start all over again. I decided to make a birthdaygift for a friend of mine, who had birthday last month - there are three of them but I wont tell here which one will get it! I started knitting a new, really simple but beautiful shawl, called "vinkonusjal" (Book: "Fleiri Prjónaperlur").
I did expect it to be an easy and fast knit - but to my big surprise, I managed to finish this shawl (which I started at about 13:00) at 23:00 yesterday... I can´t believe I was able to finish a whole shawl in just one day... (I must say, that I really was knitting all day long). This really gives me hope, that I will finish my frogged "Kyrrð"-shawl in the next few weeks...

I used my own, icelandic, hand-dyed einband-yarn for this project. The mossgreen comes from Lupina, and the yellow from Rumex longifolius (Njóli):


  1. Ofsalega fallegt,munstrið,garnið og liturinn á því!! Og að klára það á einum degi, það er snilld!!

  2. Takk fyrir!!! Já, þessi uppskrift er hrein snilld. Svo ótrúlega einföld og fljótleg - einband með prjónum nr. 6. :-)